Beauty Petal, Joshua Gassman

Beauty Petal: In eye of the beholder

Even for a core member of the Kendeda Building design team, beauty is a deeply personal reflection. It is taboo — akin to politics, religion and sex, only to be discussed in private and usually just with those you know in advance will agree with you.... Read more
Angelica Acevedo, Equity Petal

Equity Petal: When is a ramp not just a ramp?

Georgia Tech Student Equity Champion Angelica Acevedo on the Living Building Challenge Equity Petal: Equality and equity are two very different concepts.... Read more

Materials Petal: Making the transformative tangible

The LBC’s Energy and Water Petals set high bars. But the Materials Petal has a formidable reputation in Living Building Challenge circles. ... Read more
Shan Arora, Health & Happiness Petal

Health & Happiness Petal: How to measure a smile

Georgia Tech's Shan Arora: We could look at health and happiness narrowly, especially the health part. But there’s a lot more at play when it comes to the well-being of a building’s occupants.... Read more

Energy Petal: In Southeast, it’s the humidity

Newcomb & Boyd's Todd Mowinski: Given a large enough solar array and plenty of battery storage, nearly any building could attain net positive energy. That would be very expensive. The real key? Solid, creative engineering... Read more

Water Petal: Restoring a vital friendship

Erin English on the Living Building Challenge Water Petal: How one project presented her and her colleagues with "the opportunity to design a building that could begin to restore and revive our vital connections to that old friend – and to re-engage in a loving, caring relationship with the natural systems that sustain us and our place."... Read more
John J. DuConge', Place Petal

Place Petal: A building as a bridge, not a boundary

Georgia Tech's John J. DuConge’ on the Place Petal and the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design: "Think about [the building] as a meeting place for two landscapes."... Read more
edible landscape, Alice Rolls

How urban landscapes can become more fruitful

Georgia Organics CEO Alice Rolls has been slipping away from her office to raid a blueberry bush. A new report from her organization identifies how to clear key obstacles to edible landscapes in her home city of Atlanta.... Read more
operational carbon, zero energy, Realcomm

Architects have gotten serious about operational carbon — what’s next?

As the AIA takes a stand on climate change, Ramana Koti says there's reason to be optimistic that buildings can be designed to operate without releasing carbon.... Read more

Space, the next green building frontier

Georgia Tech Institute Architect Howard S. Wertheimer offers up a green building trend he'd like to see, especially on college campuses.... Read more