Daniel Matisoff, Kendeda Building

The value of green building and its spillover effects

Georgia Tech Policy Professor Daniel Matisoff asks: What are the internal motivations for an organization to build and certify a green building? And are there significant benefits for participants in such projects, including designers, builders, subcontractors and the construction industry as a whole?... Read more
solar tariff

Good news, bad effects and awful truth about the solar tariff

President Trump's 30 percent tariff on imported solar panels and modules is already in affect. An industry leader breaks down the impact its likely to have solar deployment nationwide.... Read more
Ramana Koti, Lord Aeck Sargent, Kendeda Building, Georgia Tech, Living Building

How to design sustainability into an architectural practice

In most cases, it’s clients who drive the ambitions of deep-green buildings. But how can architectural  firms lay the groundwork for more projects that push the boundaries of sustainability?... Read more
Amanda Sturgeon, Building Thought Leaders, Creating Biophilic Buildings

Hard to fit biophilic design on a checklist

Increasingly, green building project teams have attempted to incorporate biophilic design into their projects, but often their efforts amount to adding trees and plants or water features to their buildings. Read this excerpt from Creating Biophilic Buildings by Amanda Sturgeon.... Read more
Georgia Tech, Living Building Challenge, Jennifer Hirsch, Equity Petal

The hidden power of equity in sustainable buildings

Over the past decade, it’s become apparent that buildings both function better, and better serve the people who use them, if social values such as health impacts, diversity and equal access are taken into account.... Read more
Rob Bennett, EcoDistricts, Georgia Tech, Living Building, regenerative

EcoDistricts CEO: Too much at stake not to reshape cities

If we are to succeed in creating a new roadmap for cities and neighborhoods, we must change the culture of development to give the community a dominant voice in shaping its own destiny. ... Read more
Nathaniel Smith, Partnership for Southern Equity, Georgia Tech, Living Building

A campaign designed to link equity and clean energy

A growing movement aims to make sure that all Georgians – urban and rural, rich and poor, black and white – benefit from the just transition to clean energy that is already underway across the country and around the world.... Read more
Michael Gamble, Georgia Tech, Living Building

Time to second guess our drive to create second natures

"Sustainability can’t be placed on autopilot.," warns architect Michael Gamble. We must "reach beyond the illusion of technology and technique into a deeper systemic thinking about the impact of the second nature we create."... Read more
Howard S. Wertheimer, Georgia Tech, profile

Living Building alters Georgia Tech approach to design

Every campus is traveling its own sustainability journey. Top Georgia Tech architect Howard S. Wertheimer says the campus' Living Building project already has transformed his campus' design process. ... Read more
Jason F. McLennan, Living Building Challenge, green building Georgia Tech, keystone

Will Georgia Tech Living Building be a keystone for change?

Keystone species are necessary for natural communities to thrive. Living Building Challenge founder Jason F. McLennan argues that keystone buildings are needed to help reform design and construction.... Read more