Salvaged materials tell a building’s best stories

Skanska's Jimmy Mitchell explains how a long-time interest in salvage grew into a salvage-materials-gone-wild in the Kendeda Building.... Read more

Southern forests: A resource worth protecting

Southern forests are among the most productive on Earth. Brad Kahn says that's reason enough to manage them more sustainably.... Read more

Can drinking water without chlorine and other disinfectants still be safe?

Two engineers asked a question: Are all the chemicals we add to drinking water really needed? And are they worth the risk?... Read more
Keith Loiseau

Vanderbilt architect: Kendeda Building is Southeast’s model

As Vanderbilt promotes Living Buildings in Nashville, the Kendeda Building demonstrates that a large-scale regenerative construction is possible in the Southeast despite climate challenges.... Read more
Howard Wertheimer, Piedmont Park Conservancy

Regenerative design confronts higher ed with hard questions

Former Georgia Tech Institute Architect Howard Wertheimer challenges higher ed institutions to do more to regenerate the environment on their own campuses.... Read more
Kim Cobb, Global Change Pogam

Building a sustainable 2050 world, today

Georgia Tech scientist Kim Cobb: The path to a carbon neutral campus is daunting. It will take every ounce of commitment from the campus administration, and every ounce of ingenuity on the part of our faculty, staff, and students to make it happen. And where do we even start?... Read more
Ande Noktes, Midtown International School

Can a small school build a Living Building? Why not?

Midtown International School in Atlanta committed this year to regenerative design for its future buildings. Its founder loves the questions she gets when she talks about it. Most start with the word "why."... Read more

Can a green building have an impact like the Atlanta Beltline’s?

Beltline guru Gravel: For those of us in the business of city building, it’s not hard to envision a future that is evergreen and fully resilient. For most people, however, it’s nearly impossible to see how we will get there – how we can motivate global action to actually implement such an ambitious vision for our planet.... Read more

The power of a living place

The Kendeda Fund's Diana Blank: We need to build more places that are designed to bring us into balance with the natural world.... Read more
Beauty Petal, Joshua Gassman

Beauty Petal: In eye of the beholder

Even for a core member of the Kendeda Building design team, beauty is a deeply personal reflection. It is taboo — akin to politics, religion and sex, only to be discussed in private and usually just with those you know in advance will agree with you.... Read more