Michael Gamble, Georgia Tech, Living Building

Time to second guess our drive to create second natures

"Sustainability can’t be placed on autopilot.," warns architect Michael Gamble. We must "reach beyond the illusion of technology and technique into a deeper systemic thinking about the impact of the second nature we create."... Read more
Howard S. Wertheimer, Georgia Tech, profile

Living Building alters Georgia Tech approach to design

Every campus is traveling its own sustainability journey. Top Georgia Tech architect Howard S. Wertheimer says the campus' Living Building project already has transformed his campus' design process. ... Read more
Jason F. McLennan, Living Building Challenge, green building Georgia Tech, keystone

Will Georgia Tech Living Building be a keystone for change?

Keystone species are necessary for natural communities to thrive. Living Building Challenge founder Jason F. McLennan argues that keystone buildings are needed to help reform design and construction.... Read more