Beauty Petal, Joshua Gassman

Beauty Petal: In eye of the beholder

Even for a core member of the Kendeda Building design team, beauty is a deeply personal reflection. It is taboo — akin to politics, religion and sex, only to be discussed in private and usually just with those you know in advance will agree with you.

Chrysalis Awards

USGBC-Georgia honors 9 with Chrysalis Awards

Congrats are due to five individuals and four organizations that won Chrysalis Awards at a U.S. Green Building Council-Georgia event Wednesday evening at the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design.

An anthology of enthusiasm from Shan Arora

Kendeda Building Director Shan Arora was chomping at the bit last month before the building opened and has been off to the races since. Here’s one of several photo “anthologies” that he’s been sharing with friends and colleagues.