COVID-19 & intentional design


The design process for Living Building Challenge projects is disciplined and rigorous. Integrated teams bring architects, engineers, contractors and future occupants to the table earlier even than on LEED projects.

Whether the project is seeking the Living Building Challenge or LEED certification, or any green certification at all for that matter, architects continue to find benefits in bringing team members together from the conceptual phases. Everyone can get frustrated with round after round of vetting and analysis. But the objective is an evidence-based, systems approach to topics ranging from air flow to biophilic design. And that type of rigor lends itself to solving precisely the kinds of complex problems that infectious diseases present.

In the photo above, Lord Aeck Sargent architect Alissa Kingsley (standing) participates in a biophilic design workshop with other members of the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design project team.

— Ken Edelstein

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