Student Equity Champions enlisted to push Equity Petal

Equity Petal, Equity Champions

Georgia Tech’s Annette Filliat takes a look at the one of the faculty-student pilot projects funded as part of the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design project. It’s called the Living Building Equity Champions, and it’s complementing the work of Georgia Tech’s Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion.

The 11 students who were selected as Equity Champions are serving as a cadre to push forward on the Kendeda Building’s ambitious equity goals, which we profiled here last year. As Atira Rochester, corporate relations manager for Institute Diversity, puts it in the Filliat’s Georgia Tech article.

If we’re going to talk about equity, then it needs to extend beyond the building, The Kendeda Building presents a unique opportunity to connect the campus and greater Atlanta community with equity-centered sustainability programs and initiatives. That’s why we launched the Living Building Equity Champions initiative.”

One of their aims is to broaden the push for equity beyond just the Kendeda Building. Among the work products so far is a video explaining the initiative:

Read the Georgia Tech article here. And read more about the faculty-student pilot projects here.

Photo at top: Living Building Equity Champion Janay Jones (left) and Atira Rochester of the Georgia Tech Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion participate in GoSTEM’s Latino College and STEM Fair at Georgia Tech. Courtesy: Georgia Tech.

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