The Water Petal

“The Living Building Challenge envisions a future whereby all developments are configured based on the carrying capacity of the site: harvesting sufficient water to meet the needs of a given population while respecting the natural hydrology of the land, the water needs of the ecosystem the site inhabits, and those of its neighbors. Indeed, water can be used and purified and then used again—and the cycle repeats.”    International Living Future Institute


Restoring a vital friendship

Have you ever been in a relationship where things became so comfortable that you started taking the person for granted? That’s what happened between people and water. READ MORE

Feature Articles on the Water Petal

The articles below will give funders, owners, architects and anyone else who’s interested an intimate idea of how one team members addressed the Water Petal on a Living Building Challenge project on Georgia Tech campus.

drinking water

Serving its own drinking water

Just months after opening its doors, the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design is on the cusp of its drinking water permit. READ MORE

• BACKGROUND: The Energy Petal and the Living Building Challenge.

THe IMPEratives of the place petal

In LBC 3.1: Limits to Growth, Urban Agriculture, Habitat Exchange and Human Powered Living

In LBC 4.0: Ecology of Place, Urban Agriculture, Habitat Exchange and Human-Scaled Living