The Place Petal

One of seven special pages designed to mystify the Living Building Challenge Petals

“The Living Building Challenge envisions a world full of compact, connected communities with healthy rather than inhumane levels of density—inherently conserving the natural resources that support human health and the farmlands that feed us, while also inviting natural systems back into the daily fabric of our lives. As previously disturbed areas are restored, the trend is reversed, and nature’s functions are invited back into a healthy interface with people.” — International Living Future Institute

John J. DuConge', Place Petal

Place Petal Column

John DuConge': A building as a bridge

Georgia Tech’s project manager on the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design views it as a meeting place for the built campus and a restored natural landscape. READ MORE

Feature Articles on the Place Petal

The articles below will give funders, owners, architects and anyone else who’s interested an intimate idea of how the project team on the Kendeda Building have addressing the Place Petal of the Living Building Challenge project on Georgia Tech campus.

Daniel Matisoff

When is site development more like site restoration?

This spring, site development got underway for the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design. But a better description might have been site restoration. READ MORE

Kendeda Building site, landscape, history, map, Living Building Challenge Georgia Tech, Saunders and Kline

Kendeda site's ecological history

As part of their research into the location of the Kendeda Building, the design team studied the environment of the site and uncovered old maps that shed light on changes over the years. READ MORE

urban agriculture, honeybee, Georgia Tech Bee Project, edible landscape

Urban ag focuses on foraging

Andropogon Associates proposed that the Kendeda Building focus most of its urban agriculture on an “edible landscape” rather than on conventional row crops. READ MORE

THe IMPEratives of the place petal

In LBC 3.1: Limits to Growth, Urban Agriculture, Habitat Exchange and Human Powered Living

In LBC 4.0: Ecology of Place, Urban Agriculture, Habitat Exchange and Human-Scaled Living