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Ideas Competition Reforms Architect Selection Process

The ideas competition for the design of Georgia Tech’s Living Building certainly was challenging. But Tech officials and the six architectural firms that were finalists say they gained valuable knowledge about the program. And the university already is employing a similar process as it gets going on a non-Living Building project.

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Red List Makes Materials a Challenge for Georgia Tech Living Building

The Materials Working Group for the Living Building at Georgia Tech design team is trying to figure out which materials can be used on the building. It’s by no means an easy task. Architects Ramani Koti and Alissa Kingsley report this week on the Lord Aeck Sargent blog that the Materials Petal is “as challenging, if not more, as achieving net-positive energy and net-positive water.”

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Anatomy of a Grant (Part 2): The Courtship Between a Donor and an Owner

The first time Barry Berlin heard of the Bullitt Center was when Diana Blank called him with an idea: How could the Kendeda Fund go about creating a Living Building on a similar scale in Atlanta? It was May 2013.

“She’s telling me about this wonderful building, and I’m pulling it up on Google just so I can see what she’s talking about,” says Berlin, longtime financial advisor and strategist to the philanthropy founded by Blank. “I asked her, ‘So you want me to see if we can build one of these here?’ And she said, ‘Do you think we can?’ And I said, ‘We’ll never know until we try.’ ”