A tantalizing challenge among “lessons learned from female project team leaders”

Karina Hershberg, Kendeda Building

Architecture, design and construction are famously male-centric but more and more women are reaching high levels in those professions. The project team for the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design may have hinted at the future in that respect ‚ÄĒ with female members of the team including architects, engineers, landscape architects, project managers and many other professionals.

Alissa Kingsley and Ramana Koti gathered observations from 14 female members of the project team. It makes fo interesting reading. My personal favorite was this forward roll from Karina Hershberg an electrical engineer at PAE Consulting Engineers and a veteran of previous Living Building projects:

It was inspiring to work on a Living Building located in a campus setting. As the team thought about how to integrate our building into the campus systems, it became easy to envision how the Living Building principles could be applied to other future and existing buildings on the Georgia Tech campus. It helped me realize the bigger potential of campuses to holistically adopt innovative and sustainable designs. A single building could be the spark that creates larger change!

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