Republication terms & rights

We’re delighted to spread the word about regenerative design and construction, so we have a liberal republication policy at the Kendeda Living Building Chronicle.

We also want to protect the intellectual property of our contributors and to be sure that folks know to come to the Chronicle for news, tips and networking. So here’s where we land regarding terms and rights:

1. ALL POSTS — Legitimate news, information, business, government and nonprofit websites may publish the first five paragraphs of any of our posts or one half of the entire post’s word count, whichever is less, so long as: a) the byline is correct; b) if at all possible, a note with link at the top of the story indicates that the article first appeared in Kendeda Living Building Chronicle; c) at the end of the post, there’s a rest-of-story link to the post on our site, and d) you notify us and send us a link to the story on your site after publication. (This policy doesn’t apply to posts that we’ve republished from elsewhere; please check with the original publisher on such posts.)

2. FULL POSTS — From time-to-time, we’ll publish posts that we invite other legitimate sites to republish in full. In such cases, conditions “a” through “d” (in section 1, above) still will apply (although condition “c” may say something like “read the original story at Living Building Chronicle” with link). To find posts available for full republication, search the term “posts available for full republication” (in quotation marks) on our site; each of these posts also will include a tagline indicated that they may be republished in full. If you’re interested in republication rights for an entire article for which we haven’t granted full rights in the fashion described above, please contact us beforehand. Again conditions “a” through “d” (in section 1, above) still will apply.

3. IMAGES — Up to two images that are credited on our site either to “Ken Edelstein” or “Kendeda Living Building Chronicle” may be republished with your except or full post. We are unable to either grant or withhold permission for images that are credited to other individuals or entities.

4. EDITS — While we welcome editors to cut posts as necessary, we ask that such changes be done in a way not to alter the original meaning and that the tagline indicate that the unabbreviated version can be found at Living Building Chronicle. We welcome edits made strictly for style reasons or to correct typos.

5. NOTIFICATION — Unless specified above, publication following the above terms doesn’t require notifying us beforehand. But please notify us and send the link after publication.

6. RETAINED RIGHTS — Violation of the above terms will be considered a copyright infringement. We do reserve the right to withdraw permission to any site at any time; by publishing the excerpt you are agreeing to that condition.