Sonja Bochart

Principal, Sonja Bochart Wellbeing + Design. Principal, Shepley Bullfinch.

Sonja Bochart, Sonja Bochart Wellbeing + Design

Role in Living Building at Georgia Tech: Biophilic design consultant.

Background: Received bachelor of science in interior design at Arizona State University. Holds LEED + AP, WELL AP certification. Principal at Phoenix office of Shepley Bulfinch and at her own firm, Sonja Bochart Wellbeing + Design. Instructor at Arizona State University School of Design.

How fundamental is biophilic design to the Living Building Challenge? I would describe it as the foundation. The core. The root. I think in the future, biophilic design will have have a more prominent role in every Living Building, because there will be more awareness, more education and more of a call from the community for it.

Will biophilic design take hold outside of the LBC? There have been masters in biophilic design throughout history. But the large majority of our built environment nowadays is stark and cold — quite lacking in biophilic design and spirit of place. There is a real need and demand to connect our built environment back to what makes us healthy and happy, and now there’s a framework for understanding that. So I think it’s essential that biolphilia will become a fundamental part of designing better buildings. It’s going to transform the way we practice.

Website: Sonja Bochart Wellbeing + Design