Kendeda’s Dena Kimball on Georgia Tech project

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Georgia Tech’s media team caught up with Kendeda Fund Executive Director Dena Kimball for a short video, just after a key university panel endorsed the building’s schematic design in December.

“In many ways, it was the beginning of the big reveal of what this building not just will look like, but how it will feel and what will be the experience for students, for faculty, for hopefully design and building professionals from the Southeast as they tour the building and walk through it and and experience it,” Kimball said.

The schematic design is described in greater detail in a story we published yesterday.

Also on the video, Georgia Tech mechanical engineer Greg Spiro explains where schematic design fits in building’s timeline: “Schematic design is an early design level that illustrates the bones of the project without the detail that we’ll get later in the design development package and then in the construction documents, which really give the direction to the contractor exactly what it is they’ll build. So it’s a very high level design package.”

Others with interesting things to say include construction manager Kevin Bell of Skanska, landscape architect Jose Alminana of Andropoogon, architect Brian Court of The Miller Hull Partnership, architect Joshua Gassman of Lord Aeck, and architects Howard S. Wertheimer and Dan Nemec of Georgia Tech.